The Vital Details: Upper Grand Lagoon

The labor pool participation rate in Upper Grand Lagoon is 67.6%, with an unemployment rate of 4.5%. For those in the labor pool, the common commute time is 19.6 minutes. 11.5% of Upper Grand Lagoon’s community have a masters degree, and 22.8% have a bachelors degree. For people without a college degree, 32.1% have some college, 27.5% have a high school diploma, and only 6.1% have an education not as much as twelfth grade. 14.7% are not covered by medical insurance.

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The typical family size in Upper Grand Lagoon, FL is 3.02 residential members, with 67.6% owning their own domiciles. The mean home value is $225075. For those people leasing, they pay out an average of $1198 monthly. 55.5% of homes have 2 sources of income, and a typical household income of $59698. Average individual income is $30096. 15.1% of town residents live at or below the poverty line, and 16.5% are handicapped. 13.8% of citizens are ex-members of the US military.