Easy Herbs

Easy Herbs You Can Grow

Growing herbs, such as Oregano or Chives, is easy for beginners.

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If you like to use herbs while you are cooking or if you like to use herbs for medical purposes, you can grow and use herbs from your hobby greenhouse.There are quite a large variety of herbs that are used every day in a variety of ways.Some of the herbs I am going to tell you about today are Oregano, Aloe, Chives, Mint and Parsley.


There are different varieties of Oregano, are found both annual and perennial for use in your garden and for your kitchen. You foto Oregano is easier to grow in the controlled environment of the greenhouse than it is in your outdoor garden.Controlling the temperature and the water in the greenhouse you can have quite an extensive growth of oregano to use on your pizza, in your spaghetti and for any other use you see fit.


Aloe is an easy to grow potted plant.You will need to watch how much you water your Aloe, because over watering will cause root rot fast. Easy foto Aloe is easily split up and made into new plants, as the pot gets crowded.Aloe is not a popular plant for your outdoor garden but will do very well in the hobby greenhouse.


Chives are one of the easiest herbs to grow in the greenhouse.Chives are a very hardy plant overall. You sample If you use chives from your greenhouse herb garden by just cutting or snipping a little off and taking it in the house.The flowers or blooms from the chive are great in a salad.You don't need to thin out a chive plant because you will be cutting and snipping at the chives when you need a little bit.


It you are interested in growing and using Mint, you will soon find out that there are many varieties that you can use and grow in your hobby greenhouse. Easy photo You can use mint when you are cooking certain types of meat or when you are making drinks.The only problem in growing mint is that mites seem to like this plant and you could have a potential problem in the greenhouse. Don?t despair; Mint can easily be grown in your outdoor garden or in your patio garden for your enjoyment.


Parsley is used in many homes; it is one of the most well known herbs used in cooking and in baking. You sample There are a few different varieties of parsley available.You can grow parsley from a seed or from splitting up another pot of parsley.Parsley is best used in its first year; the second year is not so good.Most gardeners will plant new parsley every year.Parsley is best known for using in meats, in sauce or to chew and sweeten your breath.