Play in the Dirt

Let's Play in the Dirt

With beautiful coastline as our backdrop and our inspiration, English Gardens can help you turn your coastal home into a botanical masterpiece.Having our backgrounds in horticulture and landscape design and with years of experience behind us, we are able to create stunning combinations of annual and perennial flowers that will transform your landscape, business, or home into something extraordinary.Our prolific container gardens overflow with color every season, and our flower beds are sure to attract attention.We also create long-lasting, striking interior compositions to add interest to your home or office.To ensure abundant color all season long, we provide an exceptional maintenance service for all of our creations.

Yes, we do love playing in the dirt, but designing with fresh cut flowers is also one of our passions.From weddings to cocktail parties to special events, we provide intimate and organic designs customized to fit your individual style.We think outside the box!We incorporate unique elements into your flower designs that are sure to make your event one of a kind.