Spice in Your Life

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Spice in Your Life

Not only do herbs and spices create wonders in food, but they are also known for their health and medicinal qualities.Spices in your food motivate the digestive system.Spices activate all the taste buds and can give you a new experience in food enjoyment.A tasty meal is an experience and helps create a particular setting.You can transform the environment to reflect an oriental, Hawaiian or Caribbean setting through the use of herbs and spices.Food can and should be a memorable experience with family and friends.

The Ethnic Kitchen

The ethnic kitchen is here to stay.More people are willing to experiment with spices in meats and vegetables to create different tastes. Life original Spices and exotic or unusual vegetables give a particular suspense to food.Not only do spices create wonders in food, but they are also known for their health and medicinal qualities.Some of the spices which help create wonders, changes and contribute to your health are cayenne pepper, chili, garlic, ginger, mint, horseradish and thyme.

Cayenne Pepper

Contains vitamins A, B2, calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc.Cayenne pepper can stimulate the circulation to all vital parts of the body.Can be a good preventive to colds.


Contains vitamins A, which helps build up the immune system, helps fight infections and helps process the protein in your body.Vitamin A is necessary to healthy bones and skin, as well as support visual sense. Life graphic Chili also contains vitamin C, which helps fight infections and maintain healthy gums.


Contains vitamin B1, which contributes to a healthy nervous system and break down carbohydrates.


Contains vitamin B1, 2 which contributes to maintaining a healthy nervous system.Ginger is a good antiseptic, counteracts cramps, is a detoxifier, and a good decongestant.


Contains vitamins A, C, E, B2 and B3, as well as calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and iron.Mint also counteracts cramps and microbes.It is, furthermore, good for the digestive system and stimulates the gastric juices. Life recreation Because of its antiseptic properties, its use is recommended against colds.


Contains vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and zinc.It counteracts allergies and is effective against some bacteria.Horseradish is effective against water retention and a good decongestant.Furthermore, it is effective against rheumatism and urinary infection.


Contains vitamin A, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc and omega 3 and 6.Thyme is a strong antiseptic and one of the most effective plant antibiotics.It is an effective against stomach and intestinal infections as well as respiratory passages.