Simple English Herb Garden

This is a very easy small project to undertake. It features all the popular culinary herbs and would be ideal to put in a corner near your kitchen door.

You will need the following plants:

English recreation

1 rosemary (R)
4 sages (S)
2 chives (C)
2 thymes (T)
2 oreganos (O)

The rosemary forms a striking centerpiece against the continuous backdrop of sage. In the foreground there is easy access to the low growing thyme. Two sets of chives provide dramatic spikes topped with beautiful white flowers in summer. Oregano fills in the front and gives the herb bed some body. Overall the simple, elegant design will complement any garden.

The Essential Herbs

With this collection of fresh herbs you will be able to provide a huge variety of delicious food. The herbs were selected because they are practically essential in cookery. The herbs are easy to look after and should thrive in any situation. Somewhere near your kitchen door would be ideal.English example Simply cut the herbs when you need to cook with them, and you shouldn't need to look after them any further. They will give you pleasure for years to come!

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